We create tailor-made solutions – innovative, integrative, comprehensive.

We have a particular affinity for corporate law. Our advice focuses on the reorganization of corporate groups, for example in the context of the conclusion and termination of inter-company and cash-pool-agreements, as well as capital measures, bond restructurings and structural measures such as mergers, demergers and other reorganizations. We think in economic terms. We combine our expertise in corporate law with our know-how in restructuring and capital markets. When advising publicly listed companies, we bring corporate and group law into concordance with capital markets and insolvency law. Our work is comprehensive and integrative. In addition, we have many years of experience in project business, e.g. in providing comprehensive advice on M&A transactions and on takeovers under capital markets law. We moreover advise on all issues of directors' and officers' liability and on capital markets and partnership law. We provide legal coverage for your corporate decisions.